Quality Control

The seed is free from Genetically Modified Organisms (non-GMO) accompanied by a certificate from its supplier

At the producer’s farm with frequent monitoring of the crop and suggesting the appropriate plant protection products at the appropriate time

Harvesting is carried out for each individual producer and samples are taken and moisture control is controlled is run for each load.

Boiling tests are carried out and boiling times are recorded.

Quality Control is an integral part of our production process

Our company, attaching great importance to the products’ quality and high specifications, continuously invests on the quality control.

Quality control has always been the primary care of AGROTIS Ltd.

The strict quality control at all stages of the production, from choosing the raw material up to the distribution of the final product, has been established as the most important activity of the company.

Our company’s primary target is to accurately satisfy all the rules of hygiene and safety, and we take strict measures in order to observe them. Our aim is to be worthy of your trust by producing quality, safe and tasty products for you!