Greek Chickpeas

ρεβιθια ελληνικα
ελληνικα ρεβυθια σακι

Greek Chickpeas

500g, 10kg, 25kg


The chickpea is a traditional crop for our country. It is rich in nutrients and its nutritional value is big.

The chickpea’s protein contains all amino acids (in perfect ratio) needed by the human body and it is especially rich in methionine; this is why it is classified in the full-protein list, such as meat, milk etc proteins.

Chickpeas are eaten boiled or cooked as legumes or roasted as nuts (in Greek “stragalia”).

Apart from being a main meal, chickpeas can be combined with salads and other ingredients providing a wonderful visual and tasty result.
Vegan cert
Per 100g
  • Energy 1466 kj / 347.5 kcal
  • Fats 3.5 g, of which 0.6 g are saturated
  • Carbohydrates 53 g, of which 2.9g sugars
  • Fibers 11.8 g
  • Proteins 20.1 g
  • Salt 0g
%GDA / %RI(*) per 100g
  • Energy 17.4%
  • Fats 5.0%, of which 3.0% are saturated
  • Carbohydrates 20.4%, of which 3.2% sugars
  • Fibers 47.2%
  • Proteins 40.2%
  • Salt 0.0%
Nutrition Declaration for raw product
(*) Reference Intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal).