Social Responsibility

Green development in the primary sector
… having as a main axis sustainable agriculture products, contributing to:
  • Sustainable development (the integrated and rational management ensuring the soil’s natural balance and fertility, through its self-sufficiency in organic matter and nutrients)
  • Crop rotation (planting different crops in order to achieve continuous soil fertility and to avoid the transmission of diseases and possible pest and weed pressure)
  • Ecosystem biodiversity (preserving its ecological balance)
  • Promoting the proper use of water
  • Recycling vegetable waste to restore the elements that are nutritious for the soil

Protection of the environment in the secondary sector by applying practices that do not pollute the environment and contribute to energy and water saving and minimization of pollutants

The specific actions are:

  • Energy saving
  • Modernization and upgrading of the machines room, replacement of the outdated compressors with new ones of controlled operation
  • Purchase of modern air cooler saving electrical power due to the different entropy, and purchase of air-compressor with inverter for further energy saving
  • Placement of smooth motor starters and local compensation for the reduction of losses, and, therefore, achieving optimum motor operation, and
  • Finally change of all lamps with new low-consumption ones and installation of timers at peripheral lighting

Having children as a priority, AGROTIS Ltd has been committed to support our fellow humans that need it more and has in practice tried to tackle the needs of the Greek society.

  • Establishment of NET METERING P/V to avoid burdening the environment
  • Dust collection filters
Social Responsibility

Time Line

In 2020, a year that the society had to deal with unprecedented conditions, AGROTIS Ltd significantly strengthened the free food distribution program (i.e. UNESCO) and maintained its values, trying to deal with the continuously increasing needs due to the pandemic.
AGROTIS Ltd has always and consistently supported the company’s employees, the society and protected the environment.
Finally, AGROTIS Ltd, showing responsibility towards the protection of the environment and by applying the principles of green development, implemented in 2019 actions for energy saving, pollutant minimization and the decrease of its environmental footprint.
Through the Company’s support, the work of philanthropic organisations (i.e. UNESCO) was empowered.

AGROTIS Ltd draws its strategy for Social Responsibility based on the same fundamental axes with its business strategy. Having a strong feeling of responsibility and realizing the existing conditions, the company applies a wide program of Social Responsibility actions, with respect towards the society, the employees, the education and the environment.

The actions the company implemented in 2018 for the support of vulnerable social groups mainly concern the disposal of products. Through the Company's offer, the work of philanthropic organisations (i.e. UNESCO), associations and local bodies as well as social market places of Municipalities and Communities was empowered.

In 2017, the company gave away free products, thus supporting the significant work of philanthropic organisations (i.e. UNESCO), associations and local bodies.